At West Country Blacksmiths we are pleased to offer a complete welding and fabrication service, working with all forms of metal.

Welding at West Country Blacksmiths

Welding and fabrication service by West Country Blacksmiths.

We boast a team of highly qualified and skilled welders & fabricators who are experience in all forms of work including large and small scale fabrication, structural metalwork, welding repairs and general welding.
Our welding and fabrication service is to the very highest standard and we welcome a diverse range of works.

Our welders are all coded and follow all coding approved welding procedures. The team are all vastly experienced and hold up-to-date CSCS site safety certification, so you can rest assured that the work they carry out and the metalwork they produce will be safe and meet the required standard.

We pride ourselves on the quality of service and the exceptional standard of our work. No matter how big or small the project maybe, we treat all projects equally and we are delighted to work with both private clients and professionals.

The team are able to weld, repair and fabricate items from all types of metal, including wrought iron, cast iron, mild steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, Cor-ten steel and aluminium. Besides our full in-house welding facilities, we also offer a fully mobile welding service.

We also boast an in-house design team in place to help develop our customer’s ideas, but we are just as pleased to work to a submitted design. Likewise, we are equally happy to take a project through from start to finish (from design, through manufacture and finishing, all the way to installation) or to play a more limited role – according to the wishes of the client.

Since the team have come together, they have fabricated a broad range of items, more than we can mention on one webpage. So if you have a project in mind and would like to discuss it, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

We offer to bespoke make a range of metalwork including gates, railing and handrails. To view this range of metalwork please visit our main site – website of West Country Blacksmiths.

A small selection of featured Welding & Fabrication related projects –

A small variety of welding and fabrication related projects by West Country Blacksmiths –

Candle tray bespoke made by West Country Blacksmiths
Bespoke candle tray fabricated by West Country Blacksmiths.
Fabrication of a top for a brass lift shaft.
Brass lift cart top fabricated by West Country Blacksmiths.
Decorative arched window frame bespoke fabricated by West Country Blacksmiths
Decorative arched window frame bespoke fabricated by West Country Blacksmiths.
Oil rubbed bronze cooker hood
Oil rubber bronze cooker hood by West Country Blacksmiths.
Fabricated barn door.
Barn door fabricated by West Country Blacksmiths.
Bespoke under-counter wellington Boot Brack fabricatied by West Country Blacksmiths
Underseat wellington boot holder fabricated by West Country Blacksmiths.
Fabrication of replica key by West Country Blacksmiths
Fabrication of replica key by West Country Blacksmiths.