Meet some of the key craftsmen of West Country Blacksmiths

The ever-growing team at West Country Blacksmiths is made up of some uniquely talented blacksmiths, metalworkers, coded welders, designers and engineers who are experts in their field, with many years’ experience working in the industry.

Each member of the team has their own individual skills, which come together to form this hardworking and uniquely talented group who are proud to offer a wide range of services undertaken to only the very best standard.

The company operates a strict safety policy and ensures that all work is carried out not only to the highest level but safely by a team of experienced experts. The company’s welding processes and individual welders are all coded, and all site workers hold CSCS site safety qualifications alongside their trade qualifications.

West Country Blacksmiths believe strongly in training and in developing the skills of their team. We are delighted to be able to employ young local people and to offer them training and learning opportunities.

Allow us to introduce you to some of the key members of our team:

Kyle Roberts

Director, Lead Engineer, Blacksmith & Coded Welder

Kyle has a vast amount of experience, having worked in the industry for more than fifteen years. He undertook his four-year advanced precision engineering apprenticeship at Bridgwater College while working for a large local engineering firm.

Following the completion of his apprenticeship, Kyle travelled to New Zealand where he started working with blacksmiths. Upon his return, he worked alongside some of this country’s leading blacksmiths, including Jim Horrobin.

Kyle worked at Allerford Forge for a previous tenant for a short while before an unexpected change of circumstances found him running the forge on behalf of the National Trust, from whom he eventually took over the lease independently.

From this small event, West Country Blacksmiths was formed, and the team, led by Kyle, has grown and continues to grow, and is proud to offer the prestigious metalwork service it provides today.

Kieren Roberts

Director & Business Manager

Having previously worked with building firms, Kieren later joined the Court Service as a small claims officer before running a local newspaper in the West Somerset area.

Kieren has a passion to build the companies reputation based solely on offering a quality and complete service and producing only the very best metalwork.

His role is very diverse and is involved in every aspect of the company and project working to ensure the best service is always offered allowing the craftsmen to work to their full potential.

Adam Twine

CAD Designer & Project Manager

Adam works with the team utilising his CAD designing skills to turn our customers ideals into full computer designs.

However his role does not stop there. Once Adam has developed a drawing he will follow the project through to completion checking every detail and liaising directly with the client to ensure the very best metalwork and service is achieved.

Adam also works with the team to install the work he oversees and uses his previous experience of site working and his skills and qualifications as a plant operator.

John Hesp

Project Manager & Graphic Designer

Johns background in design and his involvement for many years in teams working on large-scale architectural metalwork projects make John a real asset to the team.

Besides having vast experience and knowledge of the industry, John is a true expert in computerised design and 3D modelling, which are key components in allowing the team to offer their unique design service.

John has an engineering mind and focuses on every minute detail of each project he designs. Once he oversees a drawing, he follows the project from start to finish, ensuring that nothing is missed.

Dom Hesp

Dominic Hesp

Senior Blacksmith & Design Consultant

Having worked in the blacksmith industry for over 40 years, Dominic is truly a master blacksmith.

After leaving school, Dominic went straight into the metalwork industry and worked with many of the top blacksmiths from around the country, including many years working in partnership with Jim Horrobin.

Dom has built a reputation as one of the country’s very best blacksmiths and is an invaluable asset to the team.

Dom is vastly experienced within the industry and his truly amazing design capacity helps the team to offer their unique service.

Tom Leader

Head Blacksmiths & Workshop Manager

Having started in the industry at Allerford Forge Tom has worked tirelessly to learn and practise his craft to become a highly skilled blacksmiths.

Having worked in the industry for over ten years, Tom has developed into a very versatile craftsmen with a passion for accuracy and detail which has led to him becoming the manager of the very workshop in which he was trained.

Tom is a qualified and coded welder and enjoys the creative side of metalwork.

Noah Yianni

Coded Welder & Skilled Metalworker 

Noah joined West Country Blacksmiths in 2013 after completing his automotive engineering qualification and having worked in the mechanical engineering field.

Noah joined the team to get a feel for the trade and after a short period he had a passion for it. Noah has grown to become a multi-skilled metalworker able to forge, fabricate and weld with skill and accurately.

George Hunter

Specialist Fabricator & Coded Welder

A very experienced metalworker, George has worked for a number of different companies in a 35-year career that began with a shipyard apprenticeship.

George is a master metalworker with a diverse range of unique specialist skills that enable him to make and restore items in all forms of materials, including delicate metals such as bronze, brass and copper.

He also possesses a ‘can do’ attitude plus a knowledge of the industry that can only be gained by years of experience.

If its a repair you require, George is our go-to-man using his skills and experience to allow him to repair anything.

George Hunter

Billy Hunter

Coded Welder & Fabricator

Billy has been working with the team since leaving school over 8 years ago. In this time Billy has completed his welding certification and advanced engineering apprenticeship at Bridgwater College and become a Coded Welder.

Billy is a very highly skilled welder and able to work with all forms of metal. Billy is also skilled as a site fitter who also works to install the metalwork of West Country Blacksmiths.

Harry Chinn

Site Fitting Team Leader & Fabricator 

Harry joined West Country Blacksmiths once leaving college. After a short period working within the industry Harry knew he wanted to learn more.

Having now worked with the team for many years, harry has become a key member of the team. He has completed his four year advance engineering and welding & fabrication qualification and continues his education.

Harry is also a highly skilled site fitter using a diverse range of skills he has learned to both fabricate and install the metalwork of West Country Blacksmiths to the highest standard.

Ben Blackmore

Blacksmith & Metalworker

Ben is a blacksmith and general metalwork who has a passion for working metal.

Ben origionally started his forge based career training as a farrier for a year before joining West Country Blacksmiths to learn and train as a blacksmiths.

Since joining the team Ben has completed his welding qualifications and continuing to develop his skills to become a multi-skilled metalworker.

Will Hesp

Blacksmith & Metalworker

Will is a talented blacksmith who has followed his father and uncle into the metalwork trade.

Will’s passion for art and having grown up around the blacksmithing trade has aided him to become a highly skilled blacksmith.