Bespoke forgings undertaken in all types of metal by West Country Blacksmiths.

Bespoke forge panels - replicas from the V & A Museum

Bespoke forge panels – Produce for a furniture company as replicas from the V & A Museum.

West Country Blacksmiths are pleased to offer a bespoke forgings service. The highly skilled blacksmiths offer their skills to work in collaboration with other companies to produce bespoke items of metalwork or metal components for other metalwork companies. This service offers both one-off pieces and larger quantities of components. The team can work from either a bespoke design,  an original piece to replicate or to templates submitted.

We find this service particularly useful to other tradesmen, artists and designers who wish to incorporate metalwork in their own projects.

We offer to undertake bespoke forging using almost all forgeable metals, including wrought iron, bronze, brass, mild steel, stainless steel and Cor-ten steel.

We have forged all kinds of highly detailed and decorative items for other company’s. These have included bespoke handrail ends and scrolls, decorative flowers, railing infill bars, brass rings for an art sculpture, frames for fireside spark guards, hooks for an interior-design project and most recently panels for bespoke furniture.

West Country Blacksmiths are an award winning team of bespoke metalwork specialist. The skills and experience of West Country Blacksmiths allows you to rest assured that we produce only the very best metalwork with detail and accuracy to compliment any project.

If you require bespoke forgings for your project, no matter how big or small it may be, please Contact Us. Our team of talented blacksmiths will be delighted to offer their advice and skill on all aspects of metalwork.

Please click this link to see more metalwork produced by West Country Blacksmiths, an award winning bespoke metalwork specialists.

Please see the slideshow showing a selection of bespoke forged components produced by West Country Blacksmiths in collaboration with other companies

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