Project Description

A modern internal staircase & balustrade designed & made by West Country Blacksmiths.

Mr & Mrs Craddock were looking for a modern internal staircase to complete an extension they have recently had on their property and they were recommended to contact West Country Blacksmiths

West Country Blacksmiths were honoured to be asked to undertake this project and set about designing the staircase, working to the design brief of a”modern internal staircase, to a semi-industrial style“.

After regular discussions with Mr & Mrs Craddock, a 3D design was created for the staircase and upper landing balustrade which consisted of powder coated stringers, a stainless steel handrail and a wire rope balustrade with carved wooden treads.

The completed staircase consists of a mix of powder-coated steel, polished stainless steel, hand-carved wooden treads and powder coated aluminium around the doorway.  The instant the couple saw the drawing they thought it was exactly how they envisaged it, and on completion of the project, they were extremely pleased with the new addition to their home.

This is a project West Country Blacksmiths are really pleased with and are proud that they have produced this metalwork, which Mr & Mrs Craddock truly love. It is always nice to help develop someone’s ideas into a reality and produce metalwork which owners have helped design and is very personal to them.

In a letter sent to us by Mr & Mrs Craddock they kindly said –  “ We wanted a semi-industrial, modern staircase for the new entranceway. I had seen one on the studio set of  “Gadget Show “ that would have fitted the bill but obviously would have been way over on costs. The guys at Allerford adapted the design to fit our budget and brought the project in on time and exactly to specification. Brilliant job !”

On behalf of West Country Blacksmiths, we thank Mr & Mrs Craddock for their kind words. West Country Blacksmiths