Project Description

Restoration of cast iron railings at Watchet Marina following a car accident.

West Country Blacksmiths were pleased to assist the Somerset County Council in restoring a section large stretch of railing at Watchet Marina following vehicle damage

Following a onsite survey the blacksmiths repair one of the damaged posts and used this as a template for new replacement posts to be casted.

Once casted the blacksmiths work onsite to straighten and replace exiting damaged metalwork, re-secure lost or relevel posts and remove and replace the broken cast posts. Once repaired all metalwork was refurnished onsite and finished with a zinc based primer and top coated to the colour of black to match the original railings.

About West Country Blacksmiths

West Country Blacksmiths are an award winning bespoke metalwork specialist based in Somerset and working nationwide. The teams work is hugely diverse and aim to produce the very best quality metalwork to suit all requirements.

The team are try expert craftsmen and design and produce metalwork of all types to suit all design styles alongside offering a full repair and restoration service.

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Watchet Harbour railing following car accident
Watchet Marina railing following a car accident which damaged the cast iron railing.
Watchet harbour railing following restoration by West Country Blacksmiths
Watchet Marina railing following restoration by West Country Blacksmiths. A mix of newly casted and restored original posts were used to undertake the restoration.