Project Description

A truly stunning set of bespoke automated gates made using a mix of hardwood and metal.

You have seen many gates, now you have seen these gates! Probably one of the most beautiful pairs of gates you will ever see. They are truly bespoke gates, as you will never see another gate like this. Bespoke Automated Gates

The gates were designed and made to be artistic and breathtaking, using a mix of hand-carved hardwood with forge textured steel.

Dom Hesp

Dom Hesp – A class leading blacksmiths from West Country Blacksmiths

The highly skilled team of blacksmiths work tirelessly to perfect ever inch of the metal with an extreme care and attention to detail. The outer-frame and gateposts are made from custom designed and made hollow section to reduce the weight of the gate allow the gate to work with the automation system.

The gates are fully automated and offer maximum security and privacy whilst also being a stunning piece of art.

The design were designed by Dom Hesp who lead a team of expert craftsmen to produce and install this masterpiece.

You may think automated gate have to be boring, poor quality gates brought from a magazine but they don’t. At West Country Blacksmiths we design and make the finest quality bespoke automated gates to any design preference. Our team will work to produce a unique design that perfectly matches your preference and produce it to the best possible quality and detail.

About West Country Blacksmiths

West Country Blacksmiths are an award winning bespoke metalwork specialist based in Somerset and working nationwide. The teams work is hugely diverse and aim to produce the very best quality metalwork to suit all requirements.

The blacksmith design and make gates to all style and design preference and are pleased to offer to make and install both traditionally operated gates and automated gates.

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