Bespoke commemorative plaque

Bespoke commemorative plaque


Premium bespoke commemorative plaques made to any wording with a shaped brass plate with wording carved into the face, riveted to site just off of a 316 stainless steel polished back plate.


Premium  bespoke commemorative plaques made to order by West Country Blacksmiths.

The commemorative plaques made at West Country Blacksmiths are made to be very special and last forever. The plaque we are offering to purchase online is are most popular style which is made to be fixed into the ground as a everlasting memory of a loved one.

Plaques are made with a an oval face which is roughly 300mm in widths and a long stem which is roughly 400mm which can be fitted as deep into the ground to suit the project.

The back plate is made using 316 stainless steel which is polished to give a shinny finishing which is thick and acts as a back plate and stem of the piece. The face is made using a polished brass sheet which is shaped and the lettering carved into the brass and once traditionally riveted together, with just a very small gap between the metals, the working stands out beautifully.

Please see the pictures for reference. The finish size of the plaque may change to suit the required wording.

When purchasing this product, please make the purchase online as normal and once the purchase is complete, please email us with the required wording to or via our contact us page and we will do the rest. Once the purchase is complete and we receive the wording we will send a confirmation within 24 hours.

We require upto three weeks to design, make and send these items from ordering. Please note the the price paid includes vat, postage and packaging.

If you wish to discuss a plaque of this or another style please contact us.