Refinishing of metalwork, including sand-blasting, galvanising, paint finishing and powder coating carried out by West Country Blacksmiths.

West Country Blacksmiths are pleased to offer a range of services to the local community, including the refinishing of existing metalwork and associated processes.

We very regularly refinish items for people as a means of restoring metalwork such as gates, railings, benches and the like. Refinishing can include the following processes: sand-blasting to strip paint etc. from an item; galvanising or re-galvanising to protect the metalwork; repainting to give the existing metalwork a new lease of life. The item can also be repaired or altered.

You may choose a full refinishing package. Alternatively you may opt for a service or two from our range. If you have an item or items which would benefit from refinishing, we would be delighted to help.

Please see below for further details of our services:

Sand-blasting – Items big or small can be sand-blasted to remove existing paint, rust or other contaminants ready for welding, galvanising or repainting. Just bring your metalwork to us at the forge and we will take care of it for you alongside our regular sand-blasting work. We would usually expect a turnaround of two weeks, but we can offer a faster service if required for a small premium charge. Mobile sand-blasting is also available.

Because all charges are based on the time it takes to complete an item, only a roughly estimated costing can be offered for sand-blasting. To discuss a sand-blasting project please feel free to Contact Us. 

Galvanising The galvanising process leaves a layer of zinc on metalwork to prevent it from rusting; galvanised metalwork can be painted once treated and indeed galvanising will significantly help increase the longevity of a paint finish. We send metalwork to be galvanised weekly and are pleased to add other people’s items to our galvanising runs. The charge we make for galvanising is dependent on the weight of zinc used on an item. Our current rate is £895+VAT per tonne, but please don’t let this put you off as the weight of zinc on items is always minimal and the cost of galvanising starts from as little as £2+VAT. To discuss having your metalwork galvanised please Contact Us. 

Spray-painting and repainting – We have an in-house spray booth and a stock of specialist metal paint which allow us to offer a finishing service on metal items, undertaken by metalwork experts. In addition we can arrange for items to be powder-coated.

We also offer to treat and repaint existing metalwork at the client’s home or premises, and during the summer months regularly have a team of metalworkers out and about removing existing paint, treating rust and repainting metalwork from garden handrails to balconies, bridges, railings and walkways. To discuss having your metalwork painted please Contact Us. 

Powder coating – We are pleased to offer to arrange for items to be powder-coated by our network of partner companies. To discuss having your metalwork powder coated please Contact Us. 

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