Antique cast iron W.G.Grace table restored by Allerford Forge

A very rare antique table, with the head of legendary England cricketer W.G Grace has been saved by the team of metal workers from West Country Blacksmiths.

The owners of the table from Wellington inherited the piece from a family member and knew the importance of having it restored. Having been unable to find anyone to restore the historic piece of sporting memorabilia, a chance visit to Allerford held the answer.

WG Grace Table - Before

WG Grace Table – Before

Many metal workers will avoid detailed cast iron work as it is very venerable and is one of the most difficult metals to work with. But fortunately, the team at Allerford Forge was able to help.   The table was in very poor condition when it arrived at the forge, in fact it was only just held together with a few bolts. But this stunning piece leaves the forge restored to its former glory for people to enjoy in the future.

WG Grace Table - After

WG Grace Table – After

The only thing left to do is to decide what to use as the table top.