Tool Repair, Sharpening & Rehandling

Sharpening, rehandling and repair of tools, including straightening, undertaken by West Country Blacksmiths. 

West Country Blacksmiths are proud to continue the tradition of ‘the country blacksmith down the road’ and as part of this we do our best to provide useful services to the local community.

Straightening of steel, tool repairs, sharpening and re-handling

Tool repair, sharpening and rehandling; straightening of metals.

Among the many and varied metalwork projects we undertake, an often requested local service is the maintenance and minor repair of general and garden tools, including sharpening, rehandling* and straightening.

Whether we are mending or carrying out maintenance, we usually aim to have tools ready within one working week. If you would like to discuss a tool repair or some other aspect of upkeep, please pop in and see us with the item(s) and we will make every effort to assist in any way we can.

*We prefer to fit handles supplied by the customer, but if necessary we can source handles locally. Our rehandling fee is £9.95+VAT per tool.