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Exmoor Stag antler wall mounted candelabra

Wall mounted Exmoor Stag antler candelabra


Wall mounted Exmoor Stag antler Candelabra made to order by West Country Blacksmiths.


Product Description

Beautiful wall mounted candelabra made using an authentic Exmoor Stag antlers, complemented with hand carved wood and heavily forge and texture steel.

These beautiful pieces are made to order by the expert by the expert Exmoor based Blacksmiths of West Country Blacksmiths.

All sizes and style will vary from the pictured product as each piece is made to suit the available antlers. All antlers used are authentic and come from a network of locals who supply the antlers which are found on the moor. No two Antlers are ever the same and come in all shapes and sizes, which gives thus piece such character.

By ordering this product, you accept the delivered item will follow the design of the picture Stag Antler Candelabra, but will vary and give West Country Blacksmiths artistic licence to work to create beautiful piece.

All orders will be undertaken and sent as soon as we have antlers available, but we ask for patience as their can be a delay. We would hope that this item to be made and sent within 6-8 week of ordering.