Estate Railings

Estate Railings

Designed and made to order in many different styles to suit all projects.

Estate style railings -  hand made and installed by West Country Blacksmiths as part of the Kensington Palace regeneration project.

Estate railings made and installed by the team from West Country Blacksmiths, in front of Kensington Palace, Kensington Gardens, London.

The team at West Country Blacksmiths are highly experienced in this area of metalwork, having made and installed estate railings to many different designs for a range of projects, from the prestigious Kensington Palace regeneration programme to smaller domestic projects.

Unlike those of many estate railing suppliers, our estate railings are manufactured here in the UK at our traditional forge and are made to order, following a site survey and design consultation to determine the best style for the project.

estate railings

Estate-style railings installed at a private residence on the Quantock Hills, in Somerset.

Once we have designed the estate railings to suit the project in hand, we make and install them to last. We do this by not cutting corners, by using the correct size of materials for the job and by ensuring the best finishing and fixing.


One of the main secrets to good-looking estate railings is to ensure you achieve continuity by making sure all posts are strengthened before installation and are installed perfectly straight and level, as any deviation during installation will ruin the overall look of a project. This sounds easy, but it takes a lot of practice to get it right.

At West Country Blacksmiths, we offer a full design, site survey and estimation service on all estate railing projects, including restorations. We produce all our estate railings here in Somerset, from either wrought iron, pure iron or mild steel, and offer a galvanised, galvanised-and-paint or paint-only finish to the metalwork.

We also offer a full installation service, into all types of ground, throughout the UK. Alternatively we can supply estate railings on a make-and-finish-only basis for self-erection.

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Estate railing

A section of estate railing made for a estate in Somerset, with a galvanised and dark green painted finish.