Bespoke Design Service

A unique bespoke design service available on all metalwork projects.

Design is arguably the most important aspect of any project. Ensuring that a piece is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, suit the intended purpose and budget, be fully safe and be makeable simultaneously is not easy.

At West Country Blacksmiths we are fortunate to have the skills to offer a unique bespoke design service on all types of projects. Our team possess an abundance of creativity and we harness this alongside their wealth of experience and engineering knowledge.

We approach all projects with a very ‘can do’ attitude, and our team undertake both hand-sketched designs and 2D and 3D computer drawings, depending on the concept and the customer’s preference, to help bring a project to life. This allows you as the client to rest assured that what you see and love on your computer screen is what you see and love in your home.

Our team of blacksmiths, metalworkers, engineers and designers work closely with our customers to fully understand what they are looking for, with a view to designing and creating a metalwork that meets not only their desires and expectations but also the available budget.

If we can assist you with our bespoke design service, please Contact Us for a free initial chat to discuss your requirements.

Here are a few examples of bespoke design work which we have recently undertaken.

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