Metalwork Services

metalwork services- Blacksmiths at work from West Country Blacksmiths

A blacksmith working the traditional coal forge at Allerford Forge, the home of West Country Blacksmiths.

West Country Blacksmiths are proud to offer a wide range of metalwork services, carried out by highly skilled and experienced blacksmiths alongside some equally talented and experienced metalworkers, coded welders, engineers and designers – true craftsmen all.

Able to work with all forms of metal – including wrought and cast iron, mild and stainless steel, bronze, brass, aluminium and Cor-ten steel – the team have an abundance of skills and vision that allows them to offer a complete metalwork service, unlike any other.

Brass work during its creation at West Country Blacksmiths

A beautiful brass top for a lift cart during its  creation at West Country Blacksmiths.

The work the team undertakes covers many different areas, from the restoration of historic ironwork to original tailor-made projects demanding a high degree of creativity and knowledge of all design genres. Indeed our tradesmen working alongside specialist designers offer a unique bespoke design service in both 2D and 3D to help develop an idea or concept into exceptional metalwork.

The team pride themselves on treating all projects equally, devoting the same care and attention to detail to all their work, and are pleased to offer their services across the whole spectrum, from the smallest repair to the largest and most boundary-testing creative metalwork project.

The West Country Blacksmiths team not only work throughout their local counties of Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Dorset but will undertake projects anywhere in the country.

To be directed to a specific service and to view pictures of our work, please click on a photograph below.

We welcome all enquiries and we are always pleased to discuss ideas and prospective projects. Our contact details can be found via our Contact Us page.

A very difficult fixing detail close up

A detailed close-up of an intricate section from a set of panels made as a replica of a piece on display in the V&A Museum in London.

Our Services

Architectural metalwork

Architectural Metalwork Services – including balustrades, balconies, bridges, gates, railings, canopies & awnings, staircases & fire escapes, structural metalwork.

Dunster rooftop terrace and stairs drawing

Bespoke Design Service – available on all types of metalwork projects, using hand sketching as well as 2D and 3D design software to conceive and develop projects and bring them to life.

Bespoke forge work - Forging individual components or project

Bespoke Forgings – forging uniquely individual components, pieces or projects, either bespoke designed or to designs submitted; made to order in all forms of forgeable metal.


Chandelier made by West Country Blacksmiths

Chandeliers & Lights – bespoke designed and made to order.

Door and door furnishing made by West Country Blacksmiths

Doors & Door Furnishings – bespoke designed and made to order.

Galvanised Garden Seat

Home & Garden – a vast array of metalwork ideas for the home and garden.


Welding & Fabrication- West Country Blacksmiths metalwork services

Local Services – including agricultural & general welding repairs, mobile welding and machining.

Metalwork Restoration by West Country Blacksmiths metalwork services

Restoration of Metalwork – including restoration for historic wrought iron, cast iron, bronze and brass.

Carp Sculpture - made by the blacksmiths of West Country Blacksmiths

Sculptural & Artistic Metalwork – available in all forms of metal; bespoke designed and made to order.


Brass work during its creation at West Country Blacksmiths

Welding and Specialist Fabrication – available in all forms of metal and undertaken by experienced coded welders.