Case Study – Kensington Palace Regeneration Project

West Country Blacksmiths where honour to have been part of the Kensington Palace Regeneration Project, Hyde Park, London

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace, with the railings made and installed by West Country Blacksmiths starting either side of the lake

West Country Blacksmiths were honoured to be part of the recent large scale regeneration project at Kensington Palace, Hype Park, London.

The team spent over seven months restoring sections of the historic railings, whilst making large sections of estate railing at our forge in West Somerset, before installing and painting the railings around the grounds of the iconic Palace.

A team for skilled tradesman from West Country Blacksmiths up to 16 strong work on this project between the workshop and the site and where really proud of what they achieved at such a prestigious place. A project which will be seen by people from all over the word for many years to come and for future generations to enjoy.

A small selection of photos showing the work undertaken below.

West Country Blacksmiths are a uniquely talented team of metalworker based in Somerset producing a wide variety of premium metalwork, to find out more about the team please visit our the full website – for more details, photos of other metalwork produced and information on the team behind West Country Blacksmiths.

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