Can you tell the story of Allerford Forge

Blog posted by The National Trust –

Stories, memories and photographs of one of the oldest businesses on Exmoor are being sought by the National Trust to help illustrate its rich history to visitors.

Allerford Forge – next door to the Allerford Museum – is at the heart of the Holnicote Estate in the Exmoor National Park. The estate is one of the largest to be donated to the National Trust and is home to more than 200 tenants including farms, cottages and commercial businesses – with Allerford Forge being one of the oldest businesses on the estate. Thanks to a generous donation from the West Somerset National Trust association, a project is currently underway working with the tenants at Allerford Forge to explain the history of the forge through a new visitor information board.

As Tamsin Mosse, Visitor Services Manager explains: “Allerford forge attracts lots of interest from people walking by. It’s a working forge and understandably visitors are curious to find out more. We want to address that by creating an eye catching display telling the story of the forge from its origins to the present day.”

Kieren Roberts, who runs the family business from Allerford Forge, said: “The Forge itself dates back to the 17th century and has been an important part of many people’s lives in West Somerset for centuries. Some families have been in the area for generations and there is bound to be some really interesting connections, stories and pictures out there. We want to hear all about it.”

If you can help with this project and particularly if you have images of the forge, please contact Tamsin Mosse, Visitor Services Manager, C/O Holnicote Estate Yard, Selworthy, Minehead, TA24 8TJ or