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CAD design in metalwork Industry

The art of Blacksmith’s working metal is obviously not something which is new, in fact its a centuries old tradition which is believed to have spread from Europe and first touched the shores of Briton in 450BC.

West Country Blacksmiths

A blacksmith working the traditional coal forge at West Country Blacksmiths, as former blacksmiths have in the forge for centuries

Although the techniques and skills of Blacksmithing may have been past down from generation to generation of Blacksmiths, and the art of heating metal in a coal forge and  hammering it to a different shape may continue, one thing which has changed in the industry is the use of technology.

At West Country Blacksmiths look to maximise the effectiveness of technology on our trade in may ways, non more than using computer aided design , known as CAD when designing our project.

Using CAD in the industry is something which should be celebrated, as using CAD to design our project give our customers a incomparable real view of a design, before they commit to having something made, whilst also eliminating almost all potential unforeseen problems during production to significantly improve the products which are being made, and reduce the risk of any potential delay.

West Country Blacksmiths combine a team of uniquely talented Designers, Blacksmiths, Welders and Engineers to design and undertake their project.  The team are vastly experienced and have worked on hundreds of project together and this experience and mix of skills, allow the team to develop some real unique projects.

Bespoke design service by West Country Blacksmiths - Architectural Metalwork Service

A CAD design of a roof top balcony drawn by West Country Blacksmiths

One key component of this team is our Inhouse CAD designer John Hesp who’s background in both making and designing metalwork, gives the team a real advantage and when he shares his skills with the teams other experts, including Kyle Roberts who is a passionate engineer and extremely talented metalwork, and Dominic Hesp who is an incredible Blacksmith who has worked in metalwork industry for 35 years on some of the country most prestigious project. This abundance of talent become a formidable team who can dissect and develop any project.

Design of balcony produce prior to production by West Country Blacksmiths

Design of balcony produce prior to production by West Country Blacksmiths

The team share this expertise and together design ever project to be aesthetically beautiful, suit the intended project and budget, be fully safe and structurally sound whilst also being make-able, which is not easy. CAD drawing is extremely difficult, especially when drawing metalwork, but mixing this truly modern skill, with the traditional craft and talent of Blacksmithing allows the team to produce metalwork with limitless potential.


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