Case Study – Bespoke Decorative Forging

Bespoke decorative forging of panels undertaken by West Country Blacksmiths

West Country Blacksmiths have recently complete a project where the challenge was set to produce decorative panels for use in bespoke furniture which replicated cast bronze panels which are on display in the V & A Museum in London.

The challenge was set by a prestigious furniture makers also based in Somerset, and armed with just a few basic drawing and photos of the original piece, the team set about to develop and make this project, which some thought impossible.

The end result, after many, may weeks of work, ten beautifully handmade panel of various, shapes and sizes, made to extreme accuracy with extremely delicate forging.

Please take your time to study the attached pictures which show the extreme detail which went into this project, and consider that this level of detail and accuracy is carried into every project we undertake. At West Country Blacksmiths we welcome all challenges, no matter how big or small.

If you have a potential metalwork project you would like to discuss with the team, please contact us and we would be delighted to assist.

Pictures taken by John Hesp of West Country Blacksmiths