Bespoke Balconies and Balcony Railings

Blacksmith-made bespoke balconies and balcony railings.

Forged balcony

A balcony by West Country Blacksmiths, showing the metalwork prior to the installation of the glass. The team undertook a 3D design for the customer, forged the balcony from heavy section mild steel and applied a galvanised and acid-etched finish prior to installing the piece, which overlooks the beautiful Porlock Weir in Somerset.


Balconies and balcony railings should be both practical and easy on the eye, while remaining in keeping with the style of a property.

At West Country Blacksmiths, we work directly with private customers, designers, local authorities and architects to produce stunning metalwork of the finest quality, undertaken by true craftsmen.

Our team of highly skilled blacksmiths, metalworkers, engineers and designers scrutinise every aspect of a project to produce pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and engineered to be practical and meet the highest safety standards.

For balconies, as in all areas of architectural metalwork, we offer to produce both 2D and 3D drawings as part of our unique bespoke design service. This process helps to develop an idea or concept, which the team will translate into a piece of which the client can be proud.

Design of bespoke balcony

A 3D CAD drawing undertaken by West Country Blacksmiths.

The team work with all forms of metals, including wrought and cast iron, stainless steel, brass and bronze, and are experienced in both producing new metalwork and undertaking general and historic metalwork restorations.

We operate within the West Country and throughout the country, undertaking all kinds of projects, and are always delighted to discuss a new project, no matter how big or small.

To discuss your own prospective project please visit or Contact Us page. 

Below are illustrations of a selection of bespoke balconies and balcony railings projects. The upper galleries contain photographs of individual balconies, balcony railings and Juliet balconies, while the slideshows beneath show projects in the design stage and after completion.

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