Blacksmith Experience Days

Would you like to try your hand at blacksmithing?

Blacksmith experience events - somerset

Blacksmith forging at Allerford Forge, The home of West County Blacksmiths. The pictured blacksmith is forging steel over an anvil, which has been heated in the traditional coal forge which can be seen behind the Blacksmith

West Country Blacksmiths are pleased to offer blacksmiths experience days which are undertaken here at our working National Trust forge in Somerset, offering people the unique opportunity to experience the art of traditional blacksmithing.

During an event, the workshop will be closed to general work and participants will work closely with professional active blacksmith who will offer an introduction into the world of a traditional blacksmith.

Blacksmith experience days take place throughout the year at Allerford Forge, a National Trust forge which is positioned on the edge of the Exmoor National Park in Somerset.

The experience days are designed to suit all ages and abilities and are focused on being a fun and fascinating day which is perfect for anybody how likes to try and experience new things.

The blacksmith experience days are designed to be a fun, fascinating and special day which will be flexibly arrange to suit the ability and desires of the participant. The day will run from 10am until 5pm, with an hours break for lunch.

During the event participants will be given an introduction to the art of blacksmithing and allows the participants to learn the basic techniques of forging including forging, twisting, bending and use the tools of the trade including a power hammer. When ready, the participant will work with the smith to design and make an item or items to take home such as a shoe horn, fire poker, letter opener or alike.

The cost of a blacksmith experience days are £180+vat per person, with all items made free to take home and tea and coffee provided to participants and spectators.

Blacksmith experience days are held thought the year on Saturdays only and can be booked on a set date, or can be purchased as a gift voucher without a set date.

To find out more or to make a booking please contact Kieren at West Country Blacksmiths on 01643863339, email or fill in the enquiry from below.

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Blacksmith working the traditional coal forge.

We look forward to welcoming you to the forge.